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Online Recruitment 2009 - The Year Ahead, London January 29th

London, 29 January 2009

Online Recruitment 2009 - The Year Ahead is the UK's leading online recruitment conference. Next year's event is on January 29th at the Royal Geographical Society in central London.

The conference will address the key issues that HR professionals, media owners, recruiters and advertising agency executives will face in the online recruitment space in 2009. Attending the event will give you direct access to the industry's thought leaders and keep you ahead of your competitors. Speakers include:

* Facebook - How recruiters can engage with candidates using social networking sites
* YouTube - How videos can promote and develop employer brands
* PricewaterhouseCoopers - A practical case study on blogging within careers sites
* Daxtra - Using filtering technologies to reduce the recruitment admin burden
* Workcircle - The role of aggregators in the online recruitment market
* Bracknell Forest Council - Using web 2.0 to attract candidates and technology to engage with Generation Y employees
* Enhance Media - Web 3.0 and the future of online recruitment

More at: www.enhancemedia.co.uk/conference/index.php

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