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Employer brand development and communication by CIPD

Employer brand development and communication by CIPD (źrodło Employer branding guide):

I Project Stage - Discovery
At this stage you’ll get a firm fix on how your brand is perceived by your top management, other
You’ll get a sense of how big a task the new brand faces.
You need to develop relationships with other disciplines, and prepare your business case.
You’ll almost certainly have some of the research data you need already.
Don’t forget to measure the current perfomance.

Typical actions of the stage:

- senior management workshop
- internal and external focus group
- employee survey
- candidate journey audit
- building rapport with marketing/PR/communications teams
- ensuring top-level buy-in
- select external partners
- apply baseline metrics

II Project Stage - Analysis

This is the critical stage between input and output. You – or, more probably, your external partner in the project – will be creating your brand’s ‘stem
Analysis, cells’ or its unique ‘DNA’ and starting to build it from there. You’ll start to get a clear picture of interpretation what your organisation stands for, offers and requires as an employer – its distinctive value proposition.

Typical actions of the stage:

- define brand attributes
- define overall employment value proposition
- associate specific behaviours with each attribute
- ‘flex’ attributes for each talent
- market segment
- overall creative brief
- initial creative expression of brand

III Project Stage - Implementation and communication

Before you rush to apply the brand to your next big recruitment push, make sure that you can deliver what the brand promises, that the value proposition is one your current employees can Implementationrecognise and believe in, and that the candidates and will experience full alignment between what they expect and what they experience.

Typical actions of the stage:

Apply brand to:
- induction programme/material
- applicant information
- briefing for recruitment consultancies
- interview/assessment process
- launch brand internally
- apply brand fully to talent-attracting programmes/materials, including website

IV Project Stage - Measurement, maintainance
and optimisaton

Qualitative research, both external and internal, will reassure you that the new brand is perceived the way you’d intended. By now, the brand is starting to make its presence felt in day-to-day, internal communications, and in your ‘people your original baseline measures, and it will be clear to all that the brand is delivering real value.

Typical actions of the stage:

- probe internal response to new brand
- probe external perception
- measure improvements in recruitment and retention metrics
- complete application of brand to candidate journey
- measure uptake of ‘living the brand’

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